Looking Forward

An Optimist’s Guide to Retirement

Stewart Tabori Chang; Abrams

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A “healthy aging” guidebook for baby boomers


“We live in a culture where one’s identity is tied up with one’s work. But what happens when work is no longer the organizing principle in a person’s life?”

Recommended reading: “Ellen Freudenheim has written the perfect guide for people who want to make the most out of their post-retirement life… Looking Forward will help you figure it all out.” Wall St. Journal

Looking Forward was recommended by:
TIME Magazine

CBS Market Watch

Wall Street Journal

• American Library Association Booklist

• Library Journal

• National Council on the Aging

Looking Forward helps us figure out what we want to do with our post-career years, whether that means working part-time, traveling to China, writing a novel, or falling in love (again).

Thanks to increased life expectancy, millions of baby boomers on the brink of their 60s can happily anticipate many healthy years to come. Yet they’re often at a loss about what to do in this new phase of life. And many may have an unfulfilled dream or two they’ve never quite been able to shake.

Freudenheim offers innovative ways to think about our lives once work is no longer central. Based on over 100 interviews and filled with practical tips, informative charts, and revealing quizzes, as well as anecdotes from and profiles of vibrant retirees, Looking Forward is the book that will guide us as we reinvent ourselves in this vital stage of life.